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Affordable, Effective, Independent Research - 724-612-3685



Affordable, Effective, Independent Research


Student Insights is a company with a simple goal:


Provide affordable, effective market research to higher education

Attract more students. Reduce marketing and enrollment budgets.

This is the challenge facing colleges and universities today. Student Insights provides the clear, solid market research to meet this challenge.

We help you focus your marketing efforts with critical market insights. 

  • Rate your institution's overall awareness and perception among high school seniors, parents, guidance counselors, and employers
  • Benchmark your consideration and application rates versus competitive institutions
  • Compare your school with its primary competitors
  • Identify target market opportunities by SAT/ACT scores, race, gender, geography, and other key factors
  • Highlight areas of strength and weakness relative to your competition, including academic strength, tuition, academic- and residential facilities, campus safety, and other attributes
  • Rate satisfaction levels with current students and alumni
  • Measure and compare your advertising recall rates across a variety of media
  • Understand your school's potential market opportunity based on students' preferences and expectations

Our market research is highly affordable. Even colleges with very limited budgets can get the answers they need. In fact, our innovative Student-View Report provides a comprehensive market image report for your college for just $500.


If you are facing limited budgets and the pressure to increase enrollment, contact us today for the market research to meet your challenges.