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"The Student-View Report is both affordable and informative. Benchmarking findings against specific competitors was helpful. Further, even the anecdotal information was useful, as it has given us greater insight into prospective students."

Jan Poppe
Director of Integrated marketing
Saginaw Valley State University

Student Insights testimonials

"Student Insights is an outstanding research partner that understands customer service.  Student Insights works with Westminster College to generate meaningful, user-friendly research through its Student-View reports.  It is refreshing to be able to receive prompt answers to all questions and have the option of tailoring programs specifically to fit our needs."

Mark Meighen
Senior Director, Advancement Administration
Westminster College

"As a small college in a huge public system, we wear multiple hats and operate on very tight budgets.  With the increasing emphasis on assessment in the realm of education and with no real budget for market research, I was feeling mounting pressure to come up with a way to assess the success of our marketing efforts until I was contacted by Student Insights.  Not only did they offer me ready-made market research, but they offered to tailor the reports to meet my specific needs, all within a budget I could manage."

Holly Cargill-Cramer
Director of Communications and Public Affairs
SUNY Cobleskill

"Like most of our competitors, we do not have time or resources to do this research in-house. But this information is critical to effectively communicate with potential students. Student Insights provided exactly what we needed at a surprisingly affordable price. We have been delighted with the quality of the report and I highly recommend their work. I look forward to working with them in the future as we continue to refine our marketing efforts."

Tracy Black
Marketing Director
Tennessee Tech University

"Georgian Court University is committed to making data driven decisions. Student Insights offers us a reasonable, reputable, and valid market research option that helps guide our image, branding, and marketing campaign. As a small, liberal arts university with both a woman's college, and a co-ed university college, we face a challenging, competitive environment. Enrollment growth, meeting the needs of both traditional and non-traditional learners, and building market share are all dependent on information and data. Student Insights is an important part of our research budget."

Ruth Ann Burns
Vice President of Marketing & External Affairs
Georgian Court University
Lakewood, New Jersey

"Student Insights provided some important snapshots of how students thought about Clarion in relation to other universities. The flexibility in their services, from different layers of reports to the ability to generate targeted surveys, provides a valuable service for Clarion and our enrollment management work."

Ron Wilshire
Assistant Vice President
for Student and University Relations

Clarion University

“I've worked with Student Insights now at two different institutions. Their survey findings for both schools were spot on, and obtained at a fraction of the cost of other providers. The information served as an invaluable reality check for our high level market position and brand equity. I especially appreciate the one-on-one attention, the drill down capabilities, and the cost structure that allows you to tailor services to your needs. Literally, I doubt we could have been more cost effective had we done this type of survey ourselves. The value Student Insights provides compared to other providers is remarkable.”

- James F. Barrett
Executive Director of Admission
Hiram College

“The marketing report we received from Student Insights was tremendously useful. It gave us an overview of student preferences across the state – helping us identify regional differences from the national data we tend to see; feedback about Manchester specifically; and, perhaps most helpful, comparisons with our leading competitors. The report presented the data in both graph and matrix formats which made comparisons simple and striking. We got more than our money's worth with this report!”

-Dave McFadden
Vice President for Enrollment and Planning
Manchester College

“Student Insights offers a valuable new source of market research to complement our other sources of information. Student Insights' reports provide very specific information at a reasonable price. Chatham College is using this data to effectively focus our efforts to increase visibility among local high school seniors.”

-Alan McIvor, Vice President of Admissions and Financial Aid (Ret.)
  Chatham College

"While working at Bethany College I purchased the basic report to assist in making marketing decisions. I felt the report was thorough enough with it's data to continue with some of our initial plans and rethink a few others. The cost, small in comparison to other companies, was definitely worth the amount of usable data I received. Now that I work for Thomas More College, I will once again purchase research data from Student Insights to shape our marketing efforts. The cost is a small amount to pay for the research data that is crucial to small colleges such as ours."

-Angela Griffin-Jones
Vice President for Enrollment Management
Thomas More College

“Student Insights has provided Slippery Rock with highly effective market research to develop our strategic marketing plan. The Student-View Report contained powerful insights in a clear, concise format. I would recommend Student Insights as a valuable market research partner to colleges everywhere”

-Ross C. Feltz
Director, University Public Relations
Slippery Rock University

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